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ABPMP Australia Chapter

As the National Chapter of ABPMP in Australia - a non-profit, vendor-independent group guided and led by BPM practitioners - we aim to promote BPM as a professional discipline and the advancement in BPM knowledge and practices. We welcome others who share the same views to join us.

Our National Governance Board

ABPMP Australia is run by BPM professionals who share in promoting the objectives of the association. It is run by the Executive Committee, acting as the National Governance Board and administrative body of the association. Office bearers at both the national or regional level are committed to the promotion of the Objectives and adhering to the ABPMP International Code of Ethics.

Max Tay, CBPP


James Anson

Vice President Finance (Treasurer)

Kerry Buijs

Vice President Chapter Operations (Secretary)

Stephen Gallagher

Vice President Programs & Education

Kwan Chan

Vice President Membership

Charles Nuciforo

Vice President Communications & Marketing

Regional Managers & Delegates

Contact your local regional team on the local events.


Regional Manager, ACT & NSW


Regional Manager, VIC & TAS


Regional Manager, QLD


Regional Manager, NT & SA


Regional Manager, WA


Regional Delegate, ACT & NSW


Regional Delegate, VIC & TAS

Terri-Ellen Pearce

Regional Delegate, QLD


Regional Delegate, NT & SA


Regional Delegate, WA
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