Association of Business Process Management Professionals

Australia Chapter

Bringing BPM Professionals, Practice and Knowledge Together

ABPMP Mission

  • To engage in activities that advance the practice of business process management.

  • To promote and evolve a Common Body of Knowledge in this field.

  • To foster the development and advancement of the skills and competencies of the professionals who work in this discipline.

  • To validate the professional qualifications and certify BPM practitioners.

ABPMP Vision

  • ABPMP will lead the development of BPM as a mainstream discipline.

  • ABPMP will be the global center for the community of practice in BPM.

  • ABPMP will be the professional society for business process management professionals.

  • ABPMP will be the recognized authority for certifying BPM practitioners.

  • ABPMP will recognize, acknowledge and honor those who make outstanding contributions to our discipline.

As a member of ABPMP, you join a professional community of practice that works with vendors, academia, research organizations, standards groups, and industry to represent the voice of BPM practitioners.

ABPMP Australia

Our Objectives

  1. Promote business process management as a professional discipline;

  2. Provide community based forums for business process management professionals by facilitating the sharing of techniques, methods, experiences, successes, and failures in BPM;

  3. Contribute to the knowledge base of business process management discipline;

  4. Proctor ABPMP certification exams, where the certification is deemed to support (1) and (2);

  5. Facilitate trainings on the different aspects of BPM practices;

  6. Facilitate study groups for the BPM related certification exams;

  7. Provide opportunities for people to acquire BPM skills through BPM Training events, Certification and Degree Programs (partners) and schedule programs of continuing professional education; and

  8. Stimulate and support job demand for people with BPM Skills, act as a valuable channel and professional network for job searching.